Why you should advertise on this Christian Radio Station

  • You would be helping to promote wholesome, Christian, family values.
  • You would be reaching a specific segment of society, namely those who go to church that is untapped by most others.
  • Loyal listeners are apt to patronize businesses they hear on their Christian radio network as a way of saying thank you.

For more information, call our office toll free 1-855-330-0335

Frequently asked questions

“How much does it cost to advertise?” 

Our typical response to the question is, “What fits your budget?” While our rates have been set with a large advertising firm to demonstrate their worth, we always work to prepare a package that you can afford.

“How many people listen?”

The network serves a potential market of 700,000 people. Radio stations typically report what their cumulative audience is and that constitutes thousands tuning in, some for as little as twenty minutes and others for hours a day in a given two week period.