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The primary goal of the Anchorpoint radio broadcast is to present God's offer of salvation through sound gospel preaching. In today's religious climate, the clear claims of the Gospel message have been lost. We strive to expose people again to the Bible's message of man's ruin and God's remedy. Also, we present scripturally based doctrinal and practical Bible teaching for believers who want to learn more about the God they have come to know.
These radio broadcasts are supported by believers who gather in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and seek to follow New Testament church principles in the practice of their faith. Contrary to most other gospel outreaches, we do not ask for donations of any kind. God's message of forgiveness is free and without obligation.

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Latest Episodes

God's Great Search

There is quite a touching account in the Old Testament of the love story between Isaac and Rebekah. Abraham, Isaac's father, initiated a search throughout the land to find the perfect wife for his son. She believed the word that she heard from the seeking servant and left all that pertained to her old life behind. So, what will your answer be? Will you, like Rebekah, consider the offer? Will you also respond, "I will go with this man"? 

Justifying the Unjust

There is a wonderful verse in the Bible, 1 Peter 3:18 - "For Christ also has once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God". Yes, Christ has suffered the momentous judgment of God against sin, opening the way for repentant sinners to avail of God's great gift of salvation. In this week's message, Phil Coulson looks at some Old Testament illustrations and then applies this principle of judgment to what happened in its ultimate extreme on the cross when Christ suffered to put away sin. 

Empty Lamps

Today's story is all about being wise, not just for this life but for eternity. Do you have the only thing you need when it comes to your closing moments here on earth? When you think of it, what else really matters? What is it? Hear what the Lord Jesus Christ has to say about it in this parable.

A Night to Remember

In John Chapter 3, we read the story of one man's personal interview with the Lord Jesus Christ. His name was Nicodemus, and we are told that he came to Jesus sometime in the night. And what a memorable night that was in the experience of this religious, yet empty man! A night he would always remember. A night that he came to realize that the Lord Jesus Christ was much more than a teacher - He was a Saviour - the Saviour he desperately needed if he were ever to be in heaven.

How to Get Right with God

One of the most ancient questions in the world was asked by Job in the old testament - "How can a man be just with God?" Or maybe we could say "How can I have my sins forgiven? How can I know that I will be in heaven?" The Lord Jesus told a story to illustrate what the answer was. You see, the answer to God's ancient question is Christ himself. It is through Christ that we are justified and cleared of all guilt. It is through Christ that we have peace with God.