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Lighten Up w/ Ken Davis

Lighten Up! with Ken Davis is a two-minute daily feature designed to brighten your day and encourage your faith. With humor and insight, Ken will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God, your family, and those around you.

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Latest Episodes

Bicycles, Bugs & Other Fully Alive Adventures

Happy Lighten Up Monday, friends. Guess what? Being fully alive isn’t without pain! Here’s what can happen when you’re doing 51 mph downhill on a bicycle. Today’s clip is from Ken’s Fully Alive DVD. Purchase today for only 9.97!

Grandkids and Candy

Happy Lighten Up Monday! How many of you, like me, are susceptible to your grandchildren’s adorable-ness? They get me every time! Today’s clip is from Ken’s DVD, Ken Davis & Friends.

What were they thinking?

Happy Lighten Up Monday! Have you ever read something and thought, “What were they thinking?” Hope you enjoy! -Ken

Live With Nothing To Lose

Happy Lighten Up Monday! Here’s a story about someone who completely missed the point. Sometimes our priorities can get a little mixed up! Today’s clip is taken from my DVD, Good News.

Kansas Road Trip and Cows

It’s Lighten Up Monday! Ready for a laugh to start the week off right? Here’s what happens when you mix a road trip through Kansas with grandchildren and a 2000 lb. cow! Today’s Lighten Up Monday clip comes from Ken’s DVD, Under the Influence!

Latest Episodes